OWIN is on a mission to bring quality and sustainability back into the cosmetics industry by using only what is necessary to create ultra-effective, all-natural products. Nothing more, nothing less.

OWIN stands for "ONLY WHAT IS NEEDED". This philosophy stems from BRAND'S mindful approach to life and extends into products' ingredients, formulation, and packaging.
I created a logo which is etched from the first letters of brand's philosophy "ONLY WHAT IS NEEDED". Letters in the logo move along the baseline to show the idea of flexibility and adjustments.

Like in nature, where nothing is fixed and is constantly in motion of a change, the letters of the logo adjust depending on the size and shape of the packaging.
For primary packaging traditional plastic was replaced by 100% bio-based material from sulapac, which biodegrades without leaving permanent micro plastics behind.

For secondary packaging we used biodegradable paper and plant based ink for printing. This all helps brand to sustain the environment and achieve the goal of production with minimum impact to the environment.

I worked on developing packaging design from idea to final production which included mocking up, picking materials and colors and providing design direction to a production house, reviewing comps, etc.